Trauma Informed Schools Program

Our objective is to transform schools into a safe space for traumatized children through our Trauma Informed Schools Program established in 2016 through a protocol with the National Ministry of Education. This program is currently running in Istanbul and Şanlıurfa public schools to support the children who have suffered from trauma and are disadvantaged to make the most of their education.
We believe in a holistic approach where a child is supported in all aspects of life. We offer trainings and supervision for teachers in the public school system.

The trainings include implementing child protection procedures for school administration, coping strategies for peer bullying, cultural cohesion methods to build  social harmony and a creative reading day for the children.

Through this program we also offer positive parenting skills training for parents of children with traumatic symptoms.


Our Trauma Informed Schools Program Research Report including the program details and work results, was published in September 2019.

Under this program we have reached;