The field office serving the European side of Istanbul provides various psychosocial support and child protection services for approximately 200, mostly Syrian children and their families.

The first field office of Maya Vakdı opened in Balat, Istanbul. In addition to trainings for disadvantaged children and their families, psychosocial support programs and group & personal therapy sessions, the office also provides child protection services. Specialist clinical therapists and child protection specialists work in the office open 7 days a week. With the cultural liaison officers and interpreters of Maya Vakfı, refugees who do not speak Turkish also benefit from the office’s services.

Since its opening, the office has been carrying out programs with the support of UNHCR, Save The Children and the Blossom Hill Foundation and providing services for nearly 200, mostly Syrian, children and their families.

As well as registered beneficiaries, the office also conducts group therapy sessions for children referred by NGOs such as AAR Japan and Small Projects that collaborate with Maya Vakfı.