About Us


We work to improve the quality of life for children and youth aged 5-24 and to grow to their ability to reach their real potential.


We envision a society of healthy individuals who have experienced a free, secure and productive childhood.

Maya Vakfı was founded with the dream of a productive society, open to exploration, devoted to helping others, and filled with healthy individuals who have had a free and safe childhood in June 2015. Maya Vakfı believes that all people deserve to live humanely and have hope for the future, and therefore contributes to the mental, physical and academic development of children and young people aged 5 to 24.

The Foundation supports them toward realizing their potential, expressing themselves freely, developing creative thinking skills and becoming productive. The Foundation carries out extensive programs with the contribution of local and international funds while collaborating with private and public institutions, Maya Vakfı places disadvantaged and traumatized children at the core of its activities and strives to increase the sensitivity and capacity of the people and institutions these children interact with.

The Foundation combines the expertise of professionals with the energy of trained volunteers to create a better future together. Maya Vakfı, within the scope of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program that forms its main field of operation, organizes activities and events to improve coping skills with the aim of supporting the healing process in traumatized children.

Maya Vakfı works through five main pillars, namely

  1. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) programs to refugees and host community through field office
  2. A Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) Program
  3. PhotoLIFT
  4. Capacity building of PSS and social workers working with children and
  5. A Volunteer program.

Our Values

  • A rights-based approach
  • Respect for all cultures and differences
  • Protection of human dignity
  • Focus on children and youth
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Cooperation and voluntarism 
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Contribution to education

As  Maya Vakfı, we believe donating is a voluntary act and that giving and sharing improves everyone’s quality of life.

Memorandum of Association

Board of Trustees

Board of Directors




Akat Mahallesi Öztürk Sokak No:3 34335
Akatlar Beşiktaş İstanbul Türkiye
Tel: +90 (531) 980 72 37 // +90 (212) 351 00 20

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Fener Mahallesi Tevkii Cafer Mektebi Sokak No:24
Balat Fatih İstanbul Türkiye
Tel: +90 (212) 525 25 36

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