The tenth of leg of the “Hold My Hand” program, within the scope of Maya Vakfı’s main psychosocial support program Project Lift, aimed at Syrian children aged 6 to 12 took place at the Sultanbeyli Refugee Center with the support of UNHCR, in partnership with IMC and collaboration with the Sultanbeyli Municipality.

After the preliminary interviews with 33 Syrian families, the therapy process started with 59 children attending Group Therapy sessions and Reading Day and ended with the Social Activity Day. According to the report prepared in January following interviews conducted with 33 families after the program and based on field observations of the clinical team, children who participated in art therapy workshops for trauma displayed significant improvement in terms of their trauma-related problems such as restlessness, concern for their future, introversion, startled responses and withdrawal from social interaction. Furthermore, positive changes were observed in the participating children in their social and communication skills, school performance, life with family at home, friendship, ability to functionally express themselves in different forms and helping others.