Let’s run for children

Shall we run together for children in the Istanbul Half Marathon, which will be held virtual on March 27-28 and physical on April 4? It doesn’t matter where you are, you can join the marathon from wherever you want with virtual running. Take your place in the charity run and turn your steps into donations!

Tickets are running out fast, hurry up to take your place in the Istanbul Half Marathon: istanbulyarimaratonu.com 

After registering for the marathon, don’t forget to fill out our Runner Registration Form!




What is Charity Run?

It is a method of fundraising for non-governmental organizations through endurance sports such as running. It brings together new volunteers and supporters and non-governmental organizations to strengthen civil society. This year, we will participate in the 2021 Istanbul Half Marathon, which will be held physically on April 4 and virtual on March 27-28, together with the Adım Adım and take our place in the charity run.

Why should I run/walk for Maya Vakfı?

In our Child and Youth Center in Balat, we have individual and group therapy sessions with children who need psychosocial support so that children spend happy moments and have imprints of happiness, instead of scars of trauma. In these sessions children attend, we aim them to acquire five basic skills for psychological recovery (building problem solving skills, promoting positive activities, managing reactions, promoting helpful thinking, rebuilding healthy social connections). Because we know that as children spend happier moments and their skills increase, they become happier and better equipped for life. Support our work and together we will create happy moments for children! 

The cost of benefiting from psychosocial support programs at Balat Child and Youth Center for 1 child is 3,000 TL.

How am I going to participate?

You can join the charity run for Maya Vakfı individually or by creating a corporate team with your colleagues. 

How to prepare myself to run?

Although you cannot train in large groups this year due to the pandemic, you can prepare for the marathon by doing outdoor training with your friends in your corporate team or individually, taking into account the pandemic rules. You can design a t-shirt with the Maya Vakfı logo that your team can wear during training.

Can I do it?

Of course! Even if you don’t complete the run or even walk, you’ll be part of the charity run for such a good cause. 

What steps do I need to follow?

Due to the pandemic, many runs are carried out both physically and virtually in 2021. In the Istanbul Half Marathon, you can run in the Historical Peninsula by participating the physical running on April 4. You can also run on your own track from anywhere in turkey and abroad by participating the virtual run on March 27-28.

1. You can start by encouraging your friends to join the charity run too!

By contacting your colleagues, you can create a team of people who want to run a charity run in the 2021 Istanbul Half Marathon. If you want to get to know Maya Vakfı better, we can present our work to your team.

2. Fill in our runner form.

Fill in the Maya Vakfı Registration Form for Runners so that we can keep in touch with you throughout the process.

3. Register on the official website of the marathon. 

Register as an individual or corporate for the physical run on April 4 or the virtual run on March 27-28 on the official page of Spor Istanbul. Payment will be made to Spor Istanbul through this address. For information and registration: www.istanbulyarimaratonu.com

Tickets are running out fast, hurry up! 

4. Create your runner profile in Adım Adım.

After registering for the Istanbul Half Marathon, you must become an individual member of the Adım Adım – İyilik Peşinde Koş Platform and create your own profile. Because as non-governmental organizations, we open the campaigns that we collect donations on this platform. İyilik Peşinde Koş (İPK) Platform offers you the opportunity to easily collect donations and follow up your donations.

For registration: ipk.adimadim.org

5. Open and spread your donation campaign.
As of March 8th, the project of Maya Vakfı will be visible on ipk.adimadim.org and you can create your campaign. Donation campaigns will start on March 22nd and then you can start to announce that you will run to raise funds for the Maya Vakfı. You can start to collect donations by sharing your runner profile with your friends via e-mail and social media. We will share with you an example of Donation Letter. Whenever you want, you can log in to your runner profile to see the names of the donors to your campaign and see how far you have reached your goal. İyilik Peşinde Koş (IPK) system automatically sends a donation certificate to all donors. Donation campaigns will end on April 19th.

What is Virtual Run?

The runner chooses one of the 5K, 10K and 21K categories and creates his/her own track. He/She can run in his/her neighborhood, in a park near his/her home, or on an athletic track. The runner can start running anytime between March 27-28. After the runner starts on his/her Virtual Running track, the app* on his/her phone starts recording the distance.

* SWEATers app is available for download on Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS).


You can contact us at adimadim@mayavakfi.org for any questions. 


Save the Dates!

February 22, Monday | Last day to register for the Physical Run.
March 1, Monday Last day to register for the Virtual Run.
March 8, Monday | The project of Maya Vakfı will be visible at İPK and the runners will create their campaigns.
March 22, Monday | Donation campaigns will start.
March 27-28, Saturday-Sunday | İstanbul Half Marathon Virtual Run
April 4, Sunday | İstanbul Half Marathon Physical Run
April 19, Monday | Donation campaigns will end. 

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