Balat Child and Youth Center

We provide psychosocial support and child protection services for children at our Balat Child and Youth Centre, established in 2017. Open every day of the week, we create a safe space for children.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program

Through our psychosocial support services, we support children and their families in dealing with past difficulties or challenges in everyday life.

Individual and Group Therapy Sessions

We hold psychosocial group therapy sessions for 20 hours over a 10 week period for children in need of mental health support. We utilize creative arts such as music, painting and dance during these sessions. IThrough these sessions children learn to cope with negative emotions and difficulties, develop positive attitudes and behaviors, produce effective solutions to the problems they face in everyday life, self-expression, and to build healthy relationships.

Positive Parenting
Skills Trainings

We inform caregivers about the effects of trauma on children and providethem with information about how they can positively manage their children’s unhealthy behaviors.

Under this program we have reached:

children in group therapy

children in individual therapy sessions

parents in Positive Parenting Skills Training

Child Protection Program

We organize awareness-raising sessions for parents about the risks likely to negatively impact the safety and health of children. In these sessions, we share methods to cope with children’s negative behaviors and attitudes. We also organize informative and empowering sessions on the risks that may affect the health and safety of children. For adults we hold group activities focused on the Turkish Health System, educational system, personal hygiene, bullying, children’s rights, while for children we focus on body protection, hygiene, privacy and children’s rights. 

Under the Child Protection Program, we provide protection services for children and adults and conduct counselling and referral activities for people whose basic rights are not being met.

Attendant and Translation Support

Health Access

Legal Advice

Education Access

Under the program we have reached:


children with individual protection service

information & awareness raising sessions


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