Maya Vakfı

We offer psychosocial support services to children between the ages of 5-18 who have suffered from trauma due to war, migration, natural disasters, and family loss.

We combine professional expertise with the energy of volunteers to create a better future together.


About Us

Maya Foundation

We believe that everyone deserves to live humanely and have hope for the future. We contribute to the mental, physical, and academic development of children aged 5-18 and youngsters.

It was 16-year-old high school student Emir Özsüer’s sensitivity for children who had to leave their land and seek refuge in other countries due to war that gave birth to Project Lift in December 2014. Initially beginning as a mental health and psychosocial support program,  the idea quickly evolved and  the program expanded to meet the immense needs. The growling needs of local children and the positive outcomes  of the Project Lift model were instrumental in the establishment of a foundation less than a year later. Maya Foundation began its activities in June 2015 with the dream of a society filled with healthy individuals who had experienced a safe, happy and productive childhood free from fear.

Our Programs


We provide psychosocial support and child protection services for children at our Balat Child and Youth Centre, established in 2017. Open every day of the week, we create a safe space for children.


We offer  trainings and supervision for teachers in the public-school system. The trainings include implementing child protection procedures for school administration, coping strategies for peer bullying, cultural cohesion methods to build social harmony for the children.


The We aim to support disadvantaged children aged 14-18 living in Istanbul in need of psychosocial support through a photography-based approach. This program also targets building social cohesion in local communities. 


We build  trauma sensitivity of employees working in institutions offering services to disadvantaged groups and improve organizations’ capacity for psychosocial support.

How do We Do It?

The Project Lift model combines visual arts, music anddance/movement therapies  with the Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR)  for our  to provide trauma rehabilitation.  Maya Foundation spearheaded this unique approach the only institution pioneering in the combination and the SPR model with the art therapies method.

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Our volunteers share the same dream of a better world and help us lead the way.. Their support is invaluable as they join us in our pursuit of reaching more children and creating more impact. . Join us and be part of the change for better.

Become A Regular Donor

Support children who need psychosocial support through regular or one-time donations. Your donation will allow children to attend individual and group therapy sessions and  to build happy moments, not trauma, in their lives.


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